Hello and Welcome to Signed Emma Jane.

Sometimes life takes you down paths that may lead to places you never dreamed of, this has definitely been true for me.

 I’m Emma Jane, thank you for visiting my website.

This my world, the story of my journey through the magical thing that is life. It is my place to share my work and projects. To share the things that drive me, and ignite my passion. As well as little of my creative side too.

So please join me…

Sharing my experiences of  pregnancybirth and being a Mum to my beautiful daughters. My road to recovery from birth trauma and PTSD helping others to know that even in the most difficult of times we can find hope.
Improving maternity and perinatal mental health services for all. Helping others to have their voices heard so together we can be the change for families everywhere.
How I have learnt to support my own emotional wellbeing, and how this
may help you too.
Plus much, much more….