Emotional wellbeing


For me to nurture my life something that I have had to learn is how to protect my Emotional Wellbeing.

We all go through things in life that drain us emotionally. Sometimes we are touched by things that create great distress, sadly even trauma. We all have to nurture our emotional health, it is a vital part of life, replenishing what drains us. 

So to when it comes to recovery and healing, it is a journey, something you must work on and maintain. There are ways that you can keep your relationship with your emotional side healthy.

This is how we nurture our life.

 These are things that I have found are needed to support our emotional health.

Invest Time

Keeping healthy emotionally requires time. It is an ongoing journey. Time is needed for you to reflect on your emotional health, to do the things needed to preserve and protect it. Also need time to practice self care and manage the days when you may be struggling. Time needed for recovery and maintaining recovery is unique to you. It isn’t a race or a competition. Everyone heals and copes in different ways.

Self Care

Self care is vital to emotional health, however it isn’t easy. You can often find that you let slip the things needed to keep yourself on the right road, and soon enough your emotional health lets you know about it. Self care is different for everyone and it can take a long time to work out what supports you. I love photography, being out in nature and finding new and interesting places, this helps recharge me, especially after a long week.

Included is the need for rest and sleep, lack of either can be a major trigger for stress. Another part of self care is learning to say No and to not over do things, but instead consciously slowing down when your mind and body needs to.

Learning to love and accept ME

This is such a hard one for many. The nature of life with its many battles such as a difficult upbringing, distressing events or situations can leave you believing that you are not good enough, a burden, unloveable and defective. As such over time you can find it difficult to love for yourself. 

A major part of my recovery has been learning to love myself. To see that I have worth. To instead of seeing the defects in me, to see the beauty in me. Part of acceptance of who you are and thus finding self love is vital to nurture our life. It includes learning to accept that bad days are part of the journey too, and needed in order to allow reflection, and improvement. With acceptance comes peace and an end to seeking never ending perfection, thus safeguarding you emotionally.

Healthy Boundaries

Another part of loving yourself and acceptance, is respecting yourself too. This includes how you allow others to treat you. Healthy boundaries support you to respect your needs and then how to communicate this to others.

For me I was a person pleaser, I want to be accepted and loved, I also hated confrontation. For a long time this led me to allowing others to treat me badly, I didn’t have healthy boundaries which keep my emotional health safe. I was also unable to say No despite that it was damaging to me.

Two things counselling taught me was,

‘that I am not responsible for other people’s happiness’ and ‘I do not have to have toxic people in my life, no matter who they are’.

These were major moments of realisation for me and set the scene for me making changes in my life, starting with setting healthy boundaries that nurtured me.

Cutting ties with those who are toxic to you can be painful, especially if they are people you love. Healthy boundaries however are the foundation that provide us with a base on which to build on, to build a life we love.


Training to be a mindfulness practitioner learnt me so much about helping and healing myself. It allowed me to see how my past has moulded me, but has not defined me. That my future is unwritten and the only thing I can influence is my present. It taught me what I can and cannot control, how to be aware of unhelpful thoughts and their behaviours. This training now enables me to support others to also protect their emotional wellbeing by making mindfulness part of their everyday life.

Let me help you too

So there it is, my ways to look after emotional wellbeing.

If you would like to know how to also care for your emotional wellbeing and nurture your life. If you would like help to set healthy boundaries, heal from the past, live in a mindful way and find inner peace get in touch. Life is about harmony and balance, acceptance and self belief plus finding our purpose.  Maybe you would like to find this too?

I share the ways that I have found to help keep my recovery on track, so take a look at the Blog under emotional wellbeing. Hopefully you can find a few things to help you too.