Nurture Your Family


Trusting your instincts, to nurture your family

Pregnancy, birth and being a parent is a journey. It is a road filled with happiness, excitement and special moments as you wonder where it will take you. As you navigate this new adventure it is natural to feel anxious and uncertain about what may lie ahead and how you can face the challenges.

It is important that as new parents you are nurtured with love, so in turn you can nurture your family by trusting your instincts so you can be everything your children need.

Welcoming a beautiful baby into the world can be an especially challenging time leaving you feeling overwhelmed, wondering how you will care and nurture this precious new life, as well as look after you own emotional wellbeing.

Bonding and Nurturing and gentle parenting

My personal adventures of being a Mum to my two beautiful daughters has taught me so much about not only myself, but life. As parents we are all trying our best to love and care for our children. Somedays are harder than others, sometimes we may feel like we are failing to be the parents we want to be with advice being plenty from many sources.

What being a mother has taught me is that our children tell us what they need, we just need to know how to listen. Most of all they need love, secure attachment and nurturing, this can be the basis of everything we do. Understanding our children takes time because they are as individual as snowflakes.

Emotional wellbeing matters to families 

Your emotional wellbeing matters. Caring for your baby after birth, and being a new parent can be difficult, and having support in the early days and weeks is important.

Adjusting to life with a new baby is hard for everyone, but for some the transition to parenthood is complicated by a difficult birth or struggling with their emotional health, The impact on you can be devastating, especially if you are unable to access support. Coping day to day becomes hard, relationships can become strained and caring for your new baby overwhelming.

As our children grow we find that new challenges come our way, be it as toddlers testing boundaries or starting school, to juggling family life and the needs of each member.

Protecting yourself emotionally as parents is so important, but you may not know where to start. I’ve tried to share my personal journey including parenting with mental health difficulties to inspire others that it is possible to heal, recover and be a good Mum.

Helping you

Knowing how hard it can be to find our way as parents led me to try to help others. I trained as a Doula to support families in pregnancy and beyond. I have worked in the NHS in neonatal, maternity, paediatrics and community services for many years. Currently within a NHS Health in Pregnancy Service, supporting women with their emotional wellbeing.  I have been with the Breastfeeding network since 2009, to help support families with feeding their babies. But by far my own experience of being a parent has taught me so much!

I am very passionate about making sure that support and evidence-based information for families is available.

Training I have undertaken includes;

  • QCF level 3 qualification in Maternity and Paediatric care
  • MHFA mental health first aid qualification
  • IHV training in perinatal mental health
  • Smoking cessation in pregnancy
  • CONI training
  • Drugs and Alcohol in pregnancy
  • PNMH Maudsley Simulation Training
  • Solihull Approach , including trauma training.
  • Mellow Bumps

Plus many other aspects of health in pregnancy and beyond.

I am also a qualified Mindfulness and CBT practitioner.

My desire is to give you the space to find again your own identity while still being a parent, to reflect on what is really important to you, what the best choices for you and your family are, and how to balance life while feeling more confident in who you are, so you can nurture your family, but also nurture YOU. 

So get in touch to share your thoughts and experiences with me, and see how I can help you nurture your family.